The future of Primary Care delivery within General Practice


Edina Primary Care knows only too well the pressure GP partners are under.

We have substantial experience of working in primary and community care and also run our own businesses as well, so we know how challenging it can be.

We often come across burnt out and exhausted GPs who feel there is no other way to work and no route out other than retirement, a change of career, or to emigrate.

The goal of being part of a vibrant and successful GP Practice that they agreed when they joined the partnership has gone and they now feel like they’re left to sort out the problems as a reward for all those years of dedicated work, it’s a ball and chain and not the vision promised.

As a result, our General Practice contacts often say they feel completely stuck and believe there’s no alternative. But there is. With the right support.


Profitable, efficient and offers your patients a great service.

At Edina Primary Care we completely understand that you want a successful practice which is profitable, efficient and offers your patients a great service.

But your staff are overwhelmed with work, recruitment is tough and even though you’re working flat out you still can’t seem to make the level of practice profit that you believe you should. Your long-term vision feels so out of reach you’re now wondering whether or not it’s worth carrying on.

However, with a guaranteed core contract income, GPs should never get to the point where they need to hand their contracts back. There is always a way to develop a highly resilient and sustainable practice.

You don’t have the answer to how to make things better, but we can help.


As a team we have been working in the NHS for over a combined 100 years.

We are passionate about the NHS and know you want to get the best outcomes for your patients. We believe General Practice is the jewel in the crown of our health service, which is why we work within it.

Our team knows what it takes to run a sustainable and successful practice and we can help you achieve this too. We have overseen successful practice mergers and helped form more than 50 GP Federations, taking them from either their start point or, when on the brink of collapse, to robust and resilient operations. We have also supported PCNs to develop remarkable plans to achieve their vision by creating innovative projects and collaborations.

Our business model