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Areas hit hardest by COVID-19 fall behind on vaccine campaign

By 14/01/2021No Comments

London and the East of England are the two worst-affected areas in England according to government figures, with 1,047 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population over the past seven days in London and 760 in the East of England compared with just over 600 cases per 100,000 nationally.

However, these two areas are lagging behind the rest of England on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Figures published on 14 January by NHS England show that as of 10 January, 29% of people aged over 80 in the East of England had received at least one dose of vaccine.

In London, the figure is 31% – while in other regions of England between 35% and 45% of patients in this age range have had a first jab.

The North East And Yorkshire has made the most progress on vaccinating over-80s, with 204,140 first doses delivered across a total population of 449,490 patients in this age group – meaning 45% of patients were vaccinated by the start of this week.

In the North West region, 131,407 out of 350,457 over-80s (37%) had been vaccinated by 10 January. In the South East and South West regions, coverage was at 36%, while in the Midlands 35% of patients had received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine by 10 January.

More up-to-date daily figures on COVID-19 vaccination show that by 13 January, a total of 2.91m doses had been administered in England – although no regional or age breakdown of these figures has been published by the government.



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