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GP groups create videos to reassure patients on COVID-19 vaccinations

By 17/03/2021No Comments

The Bolton GP Federation, in Greater Manchester, received feedback from vaccination clinics and patient groups about recurring anxieties and about what to expect at the clinic. Patients who had experienced after-effects on their first jab were also worried about returning for their second.

While some patients had not left home for months and felt anxious about attending a busy clinic, others were hoping for an opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns about the vaccine.

Bolton GP Dr Dharmesh Mistry, who appears in the video, said: ‘We also wanted to reassure people about vaccine after-effects – that these were common and to be expected and to emphasise that not attending might risk wasting doses of the vaccine’.

Meanwhile a group of GPs in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire created a video to help tackle vaccine hesitancy and they also organised a Q&A event to enable people to air their concerns in a safe space.

Afro GP Herts and Beds is an educational group for GPs of African descent living or working in the counties. They filmed themselves talking about their own experiences of being vaccinated against COVID-19 to help allay concerns in the community.



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