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One in seven Londoners over 65 yet to receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

By 12/03/2021No Comments

Weekly data from NHS England on vaccine coverage shows that the capital is well behind every other region in vaccine coverage for age groups over 65.

Among all patients aged over 65 in London, 86% have received a first dose of vaccine – compared with 96% across all other regions of England.

London has administered a first jab to just 83.5% of its population over 80 years old – compared with a national average of around 95%.

COVID-19 vaccination

Among patients aged 75-79, every region apart from London has completed a first dose for roughly its entire population in this age group – while the capital is at just 89% coverage.

London is also lagging behind in vaccine coverage among patients aged 65-69 and 70-74 – and is the only region of England yet to achieve 90% coverage in any age group.

The latest data come after the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 13% of adults in London reported vaccine hesitancy – almost twice the level in south-west England, and well above other regions.

Vaccine hesitancy

The ONS linked increased vaccine hesitancy to factors including deprivation and ethnicity. ONS analysis found that ‘all ethnic minority groups were more likely to report vaccine hesitancy than white adults’.

It also found that vaccine hesitancy was more than twice as prevalent in areas in the most deprived quintile in the country than in the most affluent quintile.

London Assembly health spokesperson and GP Dr Onkar Sahota told GPonline earlier this year that he was concerned vaccine hesitancy – particularly in the capital’s black, Asian and minority ethnic population – was a key factor in low uptake.



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