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Professor Dame Clare Gerada elected RCGP president

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Dame Clare who is set to replace outgoing president Dr Amanda Howe, stood unopposed in the presidential elections which took place in July. A total of 84% of voters agreed to her appointment.

In a tweet Dame Clare who is partner at the Hurley Group and founder and medical director of NHS Practitioner Health, the NHS service that provides mental health support to doctors, said she was ‘honoured to be part of the RCGP team again’.

The South London GP was college chair between 2010-2013 and has remained on the college council as a nationally elected member since. She is currently the longest serving council member, having been continuously on RCGP council since 1998.

RCGP president

Dame Clare will be the first woman chair for nearly 70 years – and the second in the college’s history – to have held the position of both chair and president. She will be president for a two-year term from November 2021 to November 2023.

Unlike other royal colleges, the RCGP president role is largely ceremonial, with the chair of council, currently Professor Martin Marshall, setting the strategic and policy direction for the college.

Responding to the announcement, Dame Clare tweeted: ‘Honoured to be part of the RCGP team, again. From an immigrant background (where my father was so terrified of RCGP that he never ever shortlisted someone with MRCGP as a partner) to now, it’s president. Going forward, I pledge to support my profession in every way I can.’

Other GPs congratulated Professor Gerada on Twitter.

Dame Clare is also a member of the BMA’s Council, co-chair of the NHS Assembly and chair of the charity Doctors in Distress.

Election results for six nationally-elected council member candidates were also announced by the college. The successful candidates were Dr Susi Caesar, Dr Tajvinder Grewal, Professor Michael Holmes, Dr Uwadiae Ima-Edomwonyi, Dr Mohana Ratnapalan, and Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown.

They will begin their three-year terms of office from the college’s governing council meeting in November 2021.

RCGP chief operating officer and college returning officer Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick, said: ‘Congratulations to Clare who has a long history with the college. We look forward to working with her more closely once again. Congratulations also to our new council members and thank you to everybody who put themselves forward.’



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