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UK COVID-19 vaccination programme tracker

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The UK government has set out plans to vaccinate everyone in the top four priority groups identified by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) by 15 February.

Around 15m people UK-wide are in these priority groups – which include residents and staff at care homes for older people, health and care workers, people aged over 70 years old and those deemed clinically extremely vulnerable.

On this page, GPonline will keep track of the progress of the UK vaccination programme as its rollout progresses.

Around 12m of the group targeted for vaccination by 15 February are in England, with a further 3m in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Figures for first doses administered in each UK nation to date suggest that England had vaccinated a quarter of its 12m target by mid January, compared with slower progress in the other UK nations – a difference that may reflect decisions to focus on care home patients first in some nations.

England had administered more than 426,000 second-dose vaccinations by 16 January, compared with just 25,000 across the three other UK nations. Second doses accounted for around a quarter of all jabs in England in the 10 days after 3 January, despite the announcement in late December that the vaccination campaign would move back second-dose appointments and focus on first doses for as many people as possible.

In England, figures for 22 January show there are now 1,014 GP-led local vaccination sites, 240 hospital hubs, 17 mass vaccination centres and 71 pharmacies delivering COVID-19 vaccinations.

The expansion of sites involved in the vaccination programme saw numbers of doses delivered per day accelerate in the week to 15 January – with a peak of more than 324,000 doses administered. This peak has now been exceeded after a slump at the start of the week beginning 18 January.

Data for England show that vaccination rollout has not been even across the country. London and the East of England were the two worst-hit areas in terms of COVID-19 cases at the start of January, but had fallen behind other areas on vaccine rollout according to figures for 10 January – and remained behind on figures for 17 January.

Note: data on this page are from figures published by NHS England, Public Health Enlgland and UK government figures and will be updated regularly.



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